Having a male or a girl as a child is a personal choice?

Having a male or a girl as a child is a personal choice?

See what happens if you use these gender selecting tactics.

There is no room for debate in the realm of medical research: the gender of a kid is always predetermined by the man who will be the child’s father. The question that arises therefore is why the concept of natural gender reassignment is societal acceptance. Rosalind Scutt investigates.

At the time of sexual intercourse, a man produces a collection of individualized sperm, which, according to conventional medical theory, is the best way to determine the gender of an unborn child (some male, some female).

If either of these sperm is capable of making it to the egg (which is asexual and hence neither male nor female) as well as the conditions are right, the egg will get fertilized, and from there it will grow into a fetus and, finally, a baby.

The first species of sperm that comes into contact with the ovary determines whether or not you will have a boy or a girl (The XY chromosomes are what determine the gender of a male sperm, whereas the XX chromosomes determine the gender of a female sperm.).

Since males possess XY genes and women carry XX genes, it stands to reason that the guy is always the one to accuse for the gender of the infant.

It doesn’t matter how many urban legends there are; the reality of the matter is that the only possible possessor of the Y chromosome is a man, and in addition to this, he is the sole spouse who owns XY chromosomes and may therefore offer a command. This is true regardless of how many urban legends there are.

On the other hand, there is the theory that a spouse may boost their odds of producing a child of a certain species by influencing two primary components, namely body chemistry and the timing of sexual activity. This theory is in direct opposition to the first theory.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, some people feel that altering one’s body chemistry via things like nutrition and exercise (together with other variables like keeping sperm cold by wearing loose underpants) might change the environment in a way that is more beneficial to a certain type of sperm (male or female).

1st Method: The first method involves altering the chemistry of the body (the amounts of acid and alkaline).

The pH levels of a woman’s reproductive system, which fluctuate between acidic and alkaline states during the course of her monthly body cycle.

It is currently believed that variations in the pH environment within might influence the child’s sex. According to the opinions of several authorities, an acidic ovulation fluid will give preferential treatment to the X sperm, while an alkaline fertile fluid will encourage the Y sperm, which will result in the conception of a boy (get a girl).

To have a daughter, you might:

  • Consume a diet that is rich in magnesium Mg, calcium, and acidic/sour foods. This will increase the likelihood that you will have a girl.
  • Stay away from foods rich in alkalinity, such as bananas, oranges, potatoes, and melons.
  • Consuming substances like calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin C will assist in turning the cervical mucus into an exceptional level (This will, in turn, lead to the demise of the Y sperm).
To have a daughter, you might
To have a daughter, you might

In order to have a boy, you might:

  • Stay away from dairy products and take lower doses of magnesium and calcium ingredients • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Eat more foods that are high in potassium, such as bananas
  • Consume a large quantity of alkalinizing fruits and vegetables

It is similarly imperative for the father to keep the area surrounding the genital areas cool since heat kills male sperm more quickly than it does female sperm (additionally, avoid tight-fitting undergarments, saunas, hot tubs etc)

to have a boy, you might
To have a boy, you might

2nd Method: Try to influence the intercourse timing

“Thus according Dr. Shettles’ well-known theory, sperm with the Y chromosome (boy sperm) move quicker and have a lower mortality rate than sperm with the X chromosome (girl sperm)”.

“According to the hypothesis, having intercourse two to three days before fertilization implies that the boy male gametes will have died off by the time of fertilization, keeping just the girls sperms, resulting in a higher chance of birthing a girl.”

“According to Shettle’s theory, having intercourse closer to ovulation reduces your chances of having a girl and increases your chances of having a male.”

3rd Method: Sexual posture

The level of penetration that occurs during sexual activity will have an effect on the location in the cervix in which sperm are released. That might be significant for a bunch of things: first, the spacing between the sperm and the egg, as well as the pH level of the environment in which the sperm are first inserted, may offer one of the sperm species an opportunity (X or Y chromosomes).

When a girl has low penetration, the semen will be placed closer to the opening of the vagina, which is where the vulva is extra acidic. This increases the possibility of girl sperm can be survived. It is hypothesized that the high acidity of this location prevents the less robust boy sperm from moving forward.

In addition, since the boy sperms are quicker than the girl sperms, but they are unable to keep up with the girl sperms all the way to the ovary, this placement favor the slower female sperms (Although it moves more slowly, female sperm is capable of travelling further.).

If you want to have a child that is a boy, you should strive to deposit the sperm closer to the entrance of the uterus. This will offer the more energetic and faster-moving “boy” sperm an advantage. In order to do this, you should attempt going in for a deep penetration, especially using the “doggy style” posture. Additionally, the aperture of the uterus has a higher alkaline to acidity ratio, making it more appropriate for the survival of male sperm.

A word to the wise here

Even though there are an increasing number of supporters who claim to have achieved accomplishment with these approaches, the principles presented above have not been demonstrated to be effective as of yet “(Featuring Terri and the late Steve Irwin, who are said to have conceived a son when Terri consumed meals heavy in salt and potassium and Steve began wearing boxer shorts to assist keep the male sperm cold. It is believed that this led to the conception of the child.)”

Are you Confused? Try your hand at it, it won’t hurt! Even while studies conducted over the previous numerous eras have shown a marginal disappointment in the number of boys who are born in western states, scientific consensus continues to hold that your chances are quite near to being equal to one another.

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