Paleo-friendly Recipes that will Overcome the Meal Planning Humph

Paleo-friendly Recipes that will Overcome the Meal Planning Humph

Paleo-friendly Recipes that will Overcome the Meal Planning Humph

Are you in search of paleo recipes after having decided to stick to your eating plan? Perhaps you’ve taken the plunge but find it challenging to determine what to do with all the right ingredients for meals you’ll love. If that’s the scenario, then you’re in the correct location. Let us guide you on the right path to success by introducing Paleo.

Which Foods to Eat vs What Not to Eat on Paleo

Paleo is a paleo diet that concentrates on foods consumed during the Paleolithic Era before farming became plentiful. That means the following foods are prohibited when it comes to paleo:

  • Dairy
  • Grains and legumes
  • Processed foods
  • Sugar or artificial sweeteners or sugar
  • Trans fats and vegetable oils

Instead, you can fill up your plate with foods such as:

  • Lean seafood and lean meats
  • Eggs
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds

If reading this list has made you think about your mental health, continue reading to discover some recipes that can help you make paleo life easier.

Paleo-Focused Sites

There are a lot of sources of paleo recipes when it comes to searching for meal ideas and inspiration. See, you’re not the only person who’s chosen to adhere to this method of eating.

Here are some of our top picks.

Paleo Running Momma

The tagline of this site can be described as “clean eating family favourites.” This should provide you with security, right? Everyone is searching for meals that the entire family can appreciate, so this site should be one of your top choices to check out.

Paleo Running Mama has meal recipes which can satisfy the majority of cravings. For example, you can try paleo pumpkin muffins that include cinnamon streusel for breakfast. They can be prepared ahead of time and placed in the freezer for you to be grabbed and taken out in busy mornings. And, when you’re ready for an excellent meal, it’s possible to make the Philly cheesesteak dish. It substitutes milk cheese using cashew, which is equally delicious and creamy.

Paleo Leap

Paleo Leap is chock-full of recipes of every type that you can think up. The easy-to-find categories, from snacks and soups to fish and chicken, make meal planning easy. And for the top-of-the-line, you can look up recipes according to categories such as egg-free, vegetarian or kid-friendly.

If you’re eager to add some special meals to your daily meals and want to add some flavour, then the taco pie should suffice.

Paleo Grubs

Alongside recipes, Paleo Grubs offers meal plans and tips to help you start your journey in the paleo world. But, perhaps the most distinctive feature is that they provide healthy drinks and energy ball recipes to help when searching for alternatives to large meals.

The lemon pound cake with glaze energy balls and the metabolism-boosting green tea drinks to aid in weight loss is a nice variety for the paleo plan. They also provide sauces and condiment recipes that adhere to paleo rules when you need condiments with your burger.


Paleo recipes are plentiful on the web and in hardcover books. However, as with every eating plan, you must adhere to the rules to reap the positive effects. Whether you’re following paleo as a result of the advice of a doctor or according to your preference, one of the listed websites should have plenty of options to enjoy delicious meals and snacks.

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