Which country is the most powerful in the world?

Which country is the most powerful in the world?

In this article we will understand about world superpower race and all facts!

-Which country possesses the greatest Superpower?

If you can’t answer this question easily, then think

Which country has the largest economy?

Which country’s GDP exceeds $20 trillion?

Which country has the most well-known corporations?

Which country’s films have had the biggest global impact?

Whose country has the most Nobel Prizes?

What country has received the most Olympic medals?

Which country has the strongest and most powerful military?

The answer to all these questions is: America, America! and AMERICA!

But the question is:

How did the United States of America become a world superpower?

How did they get to be in such a strong position?

Let’s try to figure it out in this article.

The contribution of each country to the Global GDP

01 figure - 2000 Years of Economic History in One CHART

This chart shows the history of the last 2,000 years.

Rest of the world GDP

02 figure - Rest of the World

You’d see that prior to the 1800s, India and China were the two most powerful superpowers in the globe. China was particularly dominant. India and China were the focal points of the majority of the commercial and economic activity. And it remained so for 1,800 years.

03 figure - Major Global Trade Routes, 1400-1800

But in the 1900s, in just the previous 100 years, the United States began to consolidate its supremacy and has established such a big proportion in the global GDP.

04 figure - US GDP after 1900

How did it become possible? And Discovery of America?

We need to dig into history to understand it. In the year 1492, an Italian explorer named Christopher Columbus,

05 figure - Christhopher Colombus

found some Caribbean islands near North America. After this, the Europeans found out about America and the colonization of America started by the Europeans.

06 figure - Voyage of Colombus

Red Indians were present in the Americas at this time. You may know them better as “Native Americans.”

Tribes came in a wide variety. Spanish colonists dominated throughout South America. It is currently commonly referred to as Latin America. Because of this, Spanish is widely spoken throughout South America. Around the year 1600, Britain founded its first colony in what would become the United States.

07 figure - British Raj

Even France embarked upon the colonization process. These were the original Big Three world superpowers. The United Kingdom, France, and Spain. They started settling in the Americas. In the years that followed, an estimated 80-90% of the indigenous people in North America died out. Reasons for this are not hard to find. However, the most important factor is the spread of disease brought by European settlers. Illnesses like the flu and smallpox. Unlike other peoples, Native Americans lacked the antibody to them.

Many years later, on 4th July 1776, in their fight against the British, the Americans declared their independence. Hence, a brand-new nation was born in the United States of America.

These are all significant events in their own right. But let’s skip to the time after 1850.

Because, as you can see, America’s graph didn’t begin to rise until well after 1850. It was a time when European colonialist powers like the British, French, and Spanish held sway over many parts of the globe.

When the British Raj was in power, India was also a colony of the empire. The United States of America, under these conditions, had long before become a democratic nation. For this reason, any new nation that was considering merging with the United States or becoming a part of the British, French, or Spanish colonies would have chosen the United States.

This is why states like Florida, Illinois, and Ohio opted to become part of the USA. Instead of continuing to be a colony of either Spain or Britain.

Texas became an independent state from Mexico in 1836.

08 figure - Texas freedom

However, the continued harassment from Mexico ultimately led them to decide to become American citizens.

In a similar vein, as more and more states became members of the Union, the United States of America expanded. There was a compelling argument for each state to join the Union. America may not have been as bad as it seems. Of course, it was a democracy, but America’s goal was always to increase its area as much as possible.

This is why the United States paid Russia $7.2 million in 1867 to purchase Alaska from them.

09 figure - Signing of the Alaska Treaty

10 figure - Check

In addition to it, there is the state of Hawaii. Location-wise, it’s smack dab in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Nowadays, it would appear as though the territory is located a great distance from the United States.

How can Alaska be a part of the USA?

Because the United States of America annex it. The United States of America toppled and seized the territory of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1898.

11 figure - Hawaii

In theory, the United States of America was not a colonizer, such as the United Kingdom, France, and Spain. But in many ways, it was just like them. When viewed from the vantage point of certain locations. Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines are included in this category, were also a part of the territory that the USA absorbed in 1898.

William McKinley, while he was the President of the United States, Spain received $20 million in aid from the United States, to take full control of the Philippines.

But today, the Philippines is an independent country. Since 1946, when the Philippines gained their independence from the United States of America. All that money wasted.

The United States of America had grown considerably in size at the turn of the century.

The United States of America once included a great deal of territory. Also, it goes without saying that the economy and the GDP will be larger if the country is larger.

Because of this, the United States of America occupied a substantial chunk of the GDP graph for the entire world.

However, this was just the beginning of things. Between the years 1900 and 1950, the actual magic took place.

Do you remember what happened during these 50 years?

There were two World Wars.

Where did these two World Wars take place? In Europe.

During the two World Wars, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy were all engaged in conflict with one another and the United States of America remained on the sidelines. Despite the fact that the United States had fought in both world wars. These nations received weaponry from USA.

The United States of America did not participate in either of the Wars and the Wars weren’t on the USA’s territory but there were many casualties on the American side during both World Wars, the country’s economy did not suffer as a result.

12 figure - Cost_of_World_War_II_in_DeathsIn point of fact, the United States of America is the only nation to have made a profit off of the World Wars. They gained a profit because they were able to sell a sufficient quantity of weaponry to European nations such Germany, France, and others. And nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France suffered a complete and utter collapse.

It was purely a matter of luck that the United States was able to turn a profit during both of the world wars; there was no intent on their part to take excessive advantage of the widespread destruction that occurred.

When war broke out in the various countries of Europe, the citizens of those countries feared that the value of their currencies would decline. And that their economy was going to completely collapse. As a result, in order to preserve the value of their wealth, they made the decision to invest in US dollars. Because of the dollar’s reputation for being a reliable currency.

Moreover, the United States of America was a remarkably stable country throughout both of the world wars. Therefore, a lot of people decided to buy United States dollars. In addition to this, the value of one US dollar increased significantly.

In 1944, as World War II was coming to a close, 44 Allied countries met together and agreed, for the purpose of maintaining the stability of their own currencies, to link their currencies to the US Dollar.

13 figure - 44 Allied Nations

Additionally, the United States Dollar would be pegged to gold. And it should go without saying that the Allies were victorious in World War II. And the United States Dollar emerged as the leading global currency. Following this, many institutions, such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, came into being.

In which the United States played a very significant role. One of these endeavors was the GATT. The World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. It was established in 1947 with the participation of 23 countries.

These nations came to the conclusion that lowering trade barriers between them would be the best way to stimulate economic growth in all of their nations.

Meaning: they would support international trade and globalization rather than promoting “Swadeshi” (Indigenous products) and nationalism. This was eventually incorporated into the WTO in the year 1995.

After 1950, the United States of America and the Soviet Union rose to prominence as the world’s two primary superpowers. And with it, the beginning of the cold war. The conflict between the United States of America and the Soviet Union is commonly referred to as the “Cold War.”

This was a conflict of competing ideologies between the Two Extremes of Communism and Capitalism.

However, rather than engage in direct combat, they fought a proxy war. They chose to battle amongst themselves in other countries as opposed to battling within their own countries.

The United States of America intervened in nations where it believed communist ideology was gaining ground and overthrew the governments of those nations.

14 figure - US colonies

Sometimes by providing financial support to those who support the opposition. Sometimes through providing financial support to terrorist or rebel organizations. Sometimes even going so far as to directly kill revolutionary leaders. Comparable to the Bolivian Coup of 1964. The location of the assassination of Che Guevara at the hands of CIA agents. Operation Cyclone consisted of providing financial support to Afghan Taliban insurgents in order to counteract the influence of the Soviet Union. And for this reason, terrorist organizations came into existence in this region. There have been reports of incidents of a similar nature in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Iran, Congo, and the Dominican Republic. There are a number of further instances coming from these nations.

As a result of the United States’ meddling in the politics of a great number of other nations, a number of those nations have become directly dependent on the USA. As a result, the United States of America gained even more authority. Because of this, the United States currently maintains more than 800 military outposts in over 70 different nations across the world.

During the time of the Cold War, the United States of America was required to invest a significant amount of money in its military. Because of this, the United States of America possesses the most powerful military in the world at the present time. And this isn’t exactly a positive development.

I’ll explain why I feel that way at the conclusion of this post.

In 1949, the United States of America and other European countries came together to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in order to counteract the influence of the Soviet Union. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is still active.

Because of this, the United States of America has always worked cooperatively with the countries of Western Europe. And for such a long period of time, the majority of countries in Western Europe were extremely reliant on the United States. because they were unable to protect their own economy. There was a lot of power in America.

It would not be fair to place blame for these unintended consequences on the entire nation. Because the United States of America just inaugurated a large number of new presidents. A few of these presidents placed an emphasis on the nation’s armed forces. Similar to former presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, and Donald J. Trump. On the other hand, there have been presidents who have prioritized the establishment of peaceful relationships. They also did not have a strong interest in the armed forces. They are the reason why the country has grown without conflict. Such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama, as well as Al Gore, who served as Vice President of the United States. It was President Woodrow Wilson of the United States who made the decision to keep the United States out of World War I and he didn’t get involved in 1917 until it was clear that the United States’ intervention was going to bring an end to the war.

He was the one who established the League of Nations. It was an international organization similar to the United Nations that had been founded before to the United Nations in an effort to bring peace to the entirety of the planet. This is what the globe map looked like during the height of the Cold War.

Almost every nation in the world had allied themselves with either the United States or the Soviet Union.

Therefore, it should not have come as a surprise that when practically all of the countries decided to form an alliance with either of the countries, the strength of both of the countries increased significantly. Both of the countries eventually rose to the status of superpower. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, there was evidently just one last superpower left in the world. That was the United States. All of these causes have to do with international politics.

However, America’s rise to the status of a world superpower was also enabled by a number of factors that are found within the country itself.

One of these internal reasons is that the policies of the United States have always attracted talented people. It was successful in luring desirable immigrants to their country. There are several instances like this all across the world. These are reasons that continue to hold water even to this day.

Consider the implications. Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Satya Nadela. How many of these Indians were able to make it in America and become successful?

After moving to the United States, German-born Albert Einstein shot to fame across the Atlantic.

Elon Musk, who is originally from South Africa, immigrated to the United States and quickly rose to prominence there.

Talent is fostered by both the policies and the culture of the United States. Fosters creativity and originality. But despite the fact that the United States has become such a great superpower, but, what is the everyday life of an average American?

Homeownership ratio in USA?

In the year 2020, the homeownership rate in the United States was only 65.8%.

There are almost thirty percent of Americans who do not own their own homes.

15 figure - Homeownership rate in USA

The United States of America is consistently ranked as one of the most unequal countries in the world.

The wealthiest 1% of the population controls 42.5% of the total wealth in the country.

16 figure - Ultra wealthy take more of the pie

Healthcare system in USA?

The healthcare system of America is very expensive and inadequate.

17 figure - US healthcare system

In the United States, the prevalence of obesity has skyrocketed to unfathomable levels. There are a lot of students that can’t go to college because they can’t afford it. The cost of obtaining a college degree in the United States is so high that it is measured in the millions. In addition, there are no appropriate firearms laws in the United States. In the year 2020, there were over 600 incidents of mass shootings that took place in the United States. It was responsible for the deaths of more than 3,000 individuals.

If the United States had invested as much money in the education and training of its people as it did in its military, the term “superpower” may have retained some of its original significance. In terms of overall human development, countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have now exceeded the United States by a significant margin.

18 figure - The world Happiest people

However, these nations are not generally considered to be superpowers. It’s possible that it’s because these nations don’t have the same economic might as others. Their armed forces are not as strong as ours. On the other hand, the standard of living for the average person in these Nordic countries is far higher than that in the United States. If you take nothing else away from this piece, let it be that a nation ought not to make being a superpower one of its goals. It ought to concentrate on being better at itself first. It ought to center its efforts on making the lives of its residents better. Let’s keep the dream of becoming a superpower where it belongs: in our heads.

I sincerely hope that you found this post to be helpful.

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